Information about the charges for fertilisation

Before carrying out the Assisted Reproduction Techniques recommended for you by the Medical Team, we have to conduct a series of tests which are not included in the list of charges. These tests are:


1. Consultations gynaecological:
Include information about the process and verification of the tests the patient has had, Catheter Test, gynaecological ultrasound scan and determining of the appropriate therapy regime.

Charge: 240

2. Screening serological:

This is carried out on both members of the couple: HIV, syphilis serology, AgHbs, HCV, and blood group. In the woman, determinations are also done of FSH, LH and Oestradiol.
These tests may be done at CEFIVA if you wish or you may provide the data from another Laboratory

The CEFIVA charge for these tests is:

Female screening: ..........................................95
Male screening: ..............................................65

3. Test for Sperm Survival and Freezing of Semen:
Although the male may have had previous semen analysis, it is essential to analyse the semen once again in order to assess which reproduction technique is the most appropriate. In addition, the semen sample is frozen (in the case of IVF_ICSI), being kept as a safety measure (fever, impossibility of obtaining the sample, travel, etc on the day of the retrieval) until the day of the follicular puncture, when a new sample of fresh semen will be requested to be used for the technique being applied. The frozen sample will be destroyed once it has been determined that the fresh sample can be used, unless the patient has expressed a wish for it to be stored in the Sperm Bank, in which case he will have to contact the Laboratory (consult charges if you wish to keep the frozen samples)..

Charge: 95
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